Surf Coaching is the best choice to learn how to surf or improve your surfing techniques and reach the next level of performance. You'll reach the surfing level you aim.

1. What does our coaching include?

  • A personalized surf training, depending on surfing level
  • Progress faster with photo & video analysis of your surfing, each day you'll get a video analysis of your surfing.
  • Post surfing technical analysis
  • Techniques practicing in land and water

2. Knowledge of surfing

  • Surfing history & Tradition
  • Ocean environment
  • Surfing Equipment and gear
  • Surfing Etiquete and rules
  • Choosing the right spot for your surf level
Basic Surfing Rules:
  • Stretching and warming up
  • Before paddiling out/ Check the line up
  • Not paddle out if overcrowded
  • Always paddle out around the break
  • Always paddle towards the white water
  • Never Drop in
What to avoid:
  • Dropping in
  • Snaking

3. Safety

Personal and surfing equipment
Surf and Weather conditions

We provide information and recommendations for surfing equipment.

Surf and Weather conditions
  • Weather patterns
  • Tides
  • Types of waves
    • Spilling wave
    • Plunging wave
  • Parts of the wave
  • Rips and sweeps
    • When caught in a rip don't panic, just paddle across the rip on a diagonal angle

Sweeps: the body of water moves across the beach

Marine creatures
  • Bluebottles
  • Stingrays
  • Blue ringed octopus
  • Oysters and barnacles
Selecting a safe venue
  • Safe Surfing Zone/ according the surfers level

Localism/ Tolerance and Respect/ Nobody owns the ocean
We all have roles as environmental ambassadors

4. Equipment for beginners

  • Surfboards
  • Fins
  • Soft foam rails
Boards for intermediate surfers
  • Rounded square, Saquash tail, Rounded Pin, Swallow, Square, Rounded tail
  • Parts of the surfboard: nose, Rocker, Rails, Tail, Deck, Bottom, Legrope

Wetsuits/ We don't need wetsuit in El Salvador.

Steamer, Sprinsuit, long john, wetsuit top
Legrop, Surfboard wax, Deck grip, Storage

Warm up and stretch
  • Indicate Surf Conditions
  • Carrying board correctly
  • Clear Feedback

5. Definition of surfing level

  • Beginner/ To paddle properly, catch waves in prone position
    • Perfomance/ too much to do and improve
  • Intermediate/ Take off, bottom turn, Cutback
  • Advanced stage/ Skills of taking off and catching challenging waves
Core Skills
  • Carrying the board
  • Entering the surf zone
  • Paddling the board
  • Catching white water waves in the prone position
  • Standing and riding white waters
  • Traversing right and left
  • Dismount
Standing up/ Errors
  • Legs too far apart
  • Legs too close together
  • Legs too straight, knees not bent
  • Feet not across the stringer
  • Front foot pointing forward to one side of the stringer
  • Standing too far back
  • Standing too forward
Standing and riding white water
  • Lying on board
  • Paddling strongly
  • Looking over shoulder
  • Push up (arch back) on tail lift
  • Jump to feet
  • Correct stance and feet placement
  • Practice on the beach
  • Traversing Right and Left and right
  • Dismounting the board
  • Wave negotiation
  • Duck Diving
  • Surf Awareness
  • Basic Surfing Maneuvers:
    • Takeoff
    • Drop off/ Late and early drop off
    • Bottom turn
    • Riding the line
    • Speed and direction
    • Going off the lip
  • Timing
  • Generating speed
  • Driving and Maneuverability
  • Turning and Carving
  • Tube riding


2 hour session 4 hour session*
1 person $115 $215
2 or more people $95 $175

* Rates are per person

Rate includes:
  • - ISA surf instructor
  • - Surf Transfer to any wave in the region chosen for coaching
  • - Video Analysis
  • - Surfboard for beginners is included

*4 hours session includes 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon and is recommended for intermediate and advanced surfers.

Number of people 5 days / 20 hours
1 (private coaching) $1,025.00
2 or more $825

* Rates are per person

Rate includes:
  • - ISA surf instructor
  • - Surf Transfer to any wave in the region chosen for coaching
  • - Video Analysis
  • - Surfboard for beginners is included