La Libertad

La Libertad coastline is full of pointbreaks, including longboard and Beginners waves, here you can find many high-quality waves, the quality of some of waves depend on tides and swell direction.

Punta Roca

The Surf in Punta Roca (aka "La Punta," or, to traveling Americans, "The Point") is a world-class wave that draws comparisons to J-Bay, Noosa, and other standout right-hand, rock-bottom pointbreaks.

La Paz

La Paz is the inside section of Punta Roca. La Paz is the easier, softer side of the wave and tends to draw surfers not quite ready for the more serious waves a couple hundred yards north.


Extremely consistent quasi-world class rock-bottom right point. Tends to be a favorite of San Salvadoran weekend warriors, so with a bit of tact and skill you can have your pick of waves even when it's crowded.

La Bocana

Extremely consistent river mouth wave breaking over a cobblestone bottom. This is the most consistent left hand wave in the country, it breaks good almost at any tide.


This is a right hand point break with beautiful settings of the headlands, this is one of the best spots because of it breaks well in any swell direction.

KM 59

Right-hand point. It is in a gated community of beach houses, but the break is a rock bottom that has good hollow waves. Best at mid-incoming tide.

KM 61

Is the neighbor wave of K59. Another Right-hand pointbreak, less consistent than K59, but with the right swell direction and tide can be compared with the inside of Punta Roca.


Right and left point break which can break very good on 3-5ft swells. This is another of the desolated surf spots. This break offer right and left waves. This spot consist in two sections which are a right hand pointbreak and A frame beachbreak.

Besides all the waves listed there are some other waves that break good on the right swell direction, without mentioning some good beach-breaks that work good on small swells.

Punta Mango

Punta Mango

This is a powerful right cobblestone point break w/200yds rides when on. Punta Mango wave offers a fast take off with a hollow barrel inside section. Wave starts working on a 3ft+ swell and all tides, but 4-7 ft SW is best, on big days be prepared and bring your step up.

Las Flores

A volcanic rocky point and sandy bottom, this wave breaks as machine, very consistent and has a smooth take off on the hightides but hollow on low tides, this wave can be ridden for up to 200 yards. Las Flores is known as one of the most rippable right-hand wave in Central America, this wave can hold up to triple overhead waves.

La Vaca

This is a short wave but very powerful on the takeoff. On the right swell this is a wave full of power with a nice barrel section.

El Toro

This wave starts working on 4ft + swell. This wave breaks in deeper-water with a steep but forgiving take off and offers long lines with rides of up to 200yds when on, with its long face wall this is a very carvable wave. There are a few other waves in the area that work on special conditions.